Fracture Management

All of our doctors are able to provide advice and management of most fractures. Including the use of water-proof casts.


All Doctors at Tuggeranong Square Medical Practice are happy to perform cryotherapy to assist the removal of warts. This can be done in a standard appointment. 

Mirena and implanon insertion

We have Doctors at Tuggeranong Square Medical Practice who will insert and remove implanon.  Dr P Hughes will also insert IUD and Mirena contraception devices.  All GP's at Tuggeranong Square Medical Practice are happy to discuss your contraception requirements with you and reception can then book any procedures you require.

Punch biopsy

Doctors often perform this simple biopsy on skin lesions so a small sample can be sent to pathology for testing.  Once Doctors receive your result they can then recommend the required treatment for your skin lesion.

Removal of Lesions

Doctors remove skin lesions in the practice. Make a standard appointment for a doctor to perform a skin check, the doctor will then arrange appointments for any required procedures.


If you have sutures whether they were put in at Tuggeranong Square Medical Practice or elsewhere, our Doctor and Nurse team will remove them for you.

Tongue and Lip Tie

Dr Paul Hughes performs tongue and lip tie procedures. If you are interested in this procedure please book an appointment with Dr Hughes and he examines the patient and discusses the procedure with you. The procedure will be booked in if you and the doctor feel it would be beneficial.

Wedge resection

Dr S El Sherif performs the Wedge Resection Procedure.  Make an appointment with this Doctor to discuss the benefit of this procedure for you. Procedure can be booked after you see the Doctor and you both agree the procedure is right for you.