Patients should call us 3 days after any pathology or radioligy testing to check on their results. Please call for your results between 1pm and 3pm daily.


Reminders and Recalls

This practice is committed to preventative health care and we have a computerised reminder system. We may send you a reminder from time to time offering you services including Cholesterol Checks, Mammograms, Pap Smears, Immunizations, etc. 

TSMP complies with State and National Reminder Systems - Please inform reception if you would like to opt out of the reminder system.

Advance Care Planning Program

If your became seriously ill, or had a serious accident, and were not going to return to normal, what sort of mecial treatment would you want?

Who would you want to make decsions for you about your medical treatment if you were unable to speak for yourself?

Advance Care Planning helps the people who care for you to understand your wishes about furture medical treatment and care.

Ask our reception staff for information and forms for your advanced care planning, you can also discuss your advanced care planning with one of our nurses or your doctor.

For further Information you can phone 62053178 or go to the website for forms and infomation:

Be My Voice

or ask for an appointment with your Doctor or one of our nurses for assistance.