Advanced Care Planning

If your became seriously ill, or had a serious accident, and were not going to return to normal, what sort of mecial treatment would you want?

Who would you want to make decsions for you about your medical treatment if you were unable to speak for yourself?

Advance Care Planning helps the people who care for you to understand your wishes about furture medical treatment and care.

Ask our reception staff for information and forms for your advanced care planning, you can also discuss your advanced care planning with one of our nurses or your doctor.

Link to Advanced Care Planning in PDF Forms

Link to Advance Care Planning Australia (ACT) 



My Health Record

on Wednesday, 29 June 2016. Posted in Helpful Infomation

My Health Record

My Health Record is the new name of the national digital health record system. Having a My Health Record means your important health information like allergies, medical conditions and treatments, medicine details, test or scan reports can be digitally stored in one place. Healthcare providers like doctors, specialists and hospital staff may be able to see it online from anywhere at any time when they need to, like in an accident or emergency. As more people use the My Health Record system, Australia’s national health system will become better connected. This will result in better, faster and more efficient care for you and your family.

Link to My Health Record Brochure

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